Laser Focused Marketing

**Contributed Post***

You’re a small to medium business and you’re ambitious. It’s not enough that you have people finding you on Google or coming across your website through luck. Instead you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

How you plan on going about achieving that, really comes down to your approach to marketing. It’s time to start taking that direct marketing campaign seriously and reaching out to your customers. Take a look at our top tips for getting it just right.

 Know Your Audience 

The first step is figuring out exactly who it is that you’re talking to and to do this, there’s nothing else for it but a good amount or research. It counts for everything and will form the basis for the rest of your campaign. 

Make sure you know exactly who it is you’re trying to reach. Discover your ideal customers’ hobbies and interests, their favorite social media channels and so on. Find out what they read online and when they access it. Then you’re set to start tailoring your messages with content that really appeals to them and start increasing your average email open rate.

 A Clear Call To Action 

How do you do you want your customer to respond? Are you asking them to sign up to a newsletter, are you going for a straight sale or are you asking for their loyalty by responding to a series of emails? Whatever you choose, make sure your emails are clear, concise and offer them some reward for their action of opening your email over and above anyone else’s.

 Why You? 

It’s a big question and one that deserves exploring closely. Of all the hundreds of marketing emails that get sent out every day, what is it about yours that makes it special and deserving of time and attention? 

The answer is your unique offer. The chance for your customer to benefit from something that is unique to your business and the temptation to sign up to your offer because you’ve made it irresistible. To create that desire, you will need to pull out every trick in the book and reach your customer through any means you can. Use their love of certain social media to talk to them. Find a way of expressing your shared values and draw them in with offers that really pop out. 

Direct marketing is so popular because from it, you will almost certainly see some results if done well. If done incorrectly you run the risk of alienating people from your brand, so make sure your messaging and your content is just right every time. 

Be a marketing genius with a campaign that ticks all the boxes that not only reads great but looks great in the inboxes of all your customers. Make your brand the market leader in direct emailing and give your competition some serious cause for concern. Then watch as the sales roll in, thanks to your laser focus and attention to detail.