Simple Steps To A Killer User Experience

Simple Steps To A Killer User Experience

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User experience is what separates a mediocre website from a fantastic one. You engineer your site to streamline certain processes, influence visitor behaviour and boost your conversion rate – all key parts of a great digital marketing strategy. There are many ways of going through this process and a never ending list of improvements to be made, but these top tips will help you to get started…

Get Your Homepage Right

Your Homepage is your shop window of the world, and as such, it needs to be both accessible and attractive. You need to focus on your core offer and key messages and use these to populate your home page. Keep everything brief and clear – people are landing on this page to do or find something else. Prune out unnecessary content that is better housed elsewhere on your site so potential customers don’t have to wade through columns of irrelevant information. First impressions are critical online and you don’t have much time to make them.

Speed Is King

What loading time do you think is acceptable for your site? The brutal truth is, if it doesn’t load in 3-4 seconds, you’ll face abandonment rates as high as 87 per cent. Time is of the essence online and users are highly impatient. Make sure that you work on the loading speeds of your site and streamline clunky content that is slowing it down.

Pare It Back

Great website design is as much about what you don’t include on the page as what you do. Content needs to be given proper spacing in order for it to have due prominence. Take a look at some of the best designed websites of 2018 to see this principle in action. This trick improved reading comprehension and click throughs while showcasing your most important products, services or ideas.

Signpost For More

Use your design to help customers on their journey by signposting them to relevant resources, like This creates an opportunity to add value to the lives of your customers, which will keep them coming back for more and creates a constantly fresh offed for repeat visitors.

Harness The Power Of A CTA

What are the Calls To Action (CTA’s) that a user encounters on your website? A slick design makes use of these buttons to move customers to behave in a certain way. Clear CTAs have the power to drastically improve conversion rates and average basket value too. Use the psychology of colour to make your calls extra appealing. The text used should also be a little more descriptive than something like ‘next’ or ‘link’. It’s a small thing but it can really make an impact on customer behaviour.

Don’t Skimp On The Images
Images and video content is the best way to grab attention and engage people. They up trust levels as people feel they know more what they will be getting, and they also allow more space for you to properly explain the features and benefits of a product or service or demonstrate how to use them.

3 Ways You Can Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Now

3 Ways You Can Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Now

Today’s topic we will cover how you can improve your landing page conversion rates with 3 simple changes.

For the most part, readers have short attention spans. 

I’m sure that’s no big surprise to you. In fact, you probably browse the Internet at light speed, too, skipping to the bottoms of sales pages, and fast-forwarding through videos just so you can get to the next thing.

The same is true for your readers, and if you want to capture their attention long enough to entice them to opt-in to your mailing list, then you have to keep that in mind.

1. A Tip From Newspaper Publishers

Have you ever noticed that everything you need to know about a news story is in the first paragraph? 

Journalists are trained to answer all the questions—who, what, where, when, why and how—in the first few sentences, just in case the story gets cut off when the paper goes to print.

In today’s online world, where column inches no longer matter, this type of story formatting isn’t quite so critical anymore, but it’s still a useful tip to use when you’re writing an opt-in page.

Think about it: If your readers are skimmers (as most of us are) then making sure you include the most important information right at the top of the page is going to greatly improve your conversion rates.

For opt-in pages, that means putting the biggest benefits in your subject line and following it up with two or three sentences that build on your headline. That’s it. Keep it short, sweet, and benefit-driven, and you’ll have greater success than you would with longer content.

2. Graphics Matter

Whether your opt-in incentive is an e-book, a video, or even a simple checklist, having a graphic representation of your offer is an important part of your landing page.

You could create an e-book or CD cover, which you can easily outsource, but be sure you follow these strategies:

  • Bold fonts and short titles make your cover more readable.
  • Use high-contrast colors for more visibility.
  • Be true to your brand and stay with colors and fonts your readers expect.

3. Crafting a Compelling Call to Action

You might think that when readers land on your opt-in page they know exactly what to do, but that’s not true. You need to invite them to take the next step. Give them clear instructions and you’ll have higher conversion rates than if you just leave it to chance.

Your call to action needs to tell your reader exactly what to do, like this:

  • Click here to download
  • Enter your name and email for instant access

Watch the text on your form buttons, too. After all words like “Subscribe” or “Sign Up” don’t exactly excite you do they? Consider using a phrase that matches your call to action instead, such as:

  • Get the Checklist!
  • Send the Video!

Take a look at your opt-in pages. Do they follow these strategies? If not, consider making some changes to your copy, your images, and your calls to action, then watch your results. You’ll more than likely see a boost in conversion rates if you do.

Have a great 24 hours!


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