How To Promote Your Business With Webinars

How To Promote Your Business With Webinars

If you’re seeking a way to promote your business and reach bigger and better goals, then look no further… Webinars might be exactly what you need! 

Many different companies boast of the great effects that webinars have had in helping their business grow to new heights, so what’s stopping a great webinar from doing the exact same thing for your business? With some dedication, determination, education, and a bit of effort, you can create a brilliant webinar that will work wonders for your business.

Here are 6 ways a webinar can help you build your business and reach your 2019 goals. 

Build Your Lists

If you host a free webinar, one with valuable information that is easy for your desired audience to attend, then you will easily be able to build a fresh list of warm to hot leads! Always remember that your database of emails and other contacts is perhaps your most valuable business possession (besides yourself and your team) and a great webinar can help you multiply that list. This not only helps you to network, but also remember that if you can get your product or service in front of your desired audience, then you’re that much closer to making sales!

Find A New Audience 

Your current audience is an important thing to protect and serve dutifully. However, in order to grow your business, you must also grow your audience and customer base! Webinars can help you do exactly that. Attempting to create webinars in various industries or in front of various audiences can help you tap into new opportunities for business growth, all while keeping your current audience or customers satisfied with valuable information and their desired products or services.

Spread Brand Awareness 

It’s obviously important to build your lists and find your desired audience, but there might be a time where instead of hosting the actual webinar, you’re a guest speaker invited to bring additional value. Perhaps you’re a social media guru asked to speak at a marketing company’s telesummit. In that case, you want to present a lot of valuable information while also portraying what is unique and valuable about your specific brand in order to pique interest in what makes you special. Making sure your audience understands your uniqueness is important in growing your business and spreading your brand.

Perfect Your Craft 

Something you’ll quickly learn (if you start presenting yourself and your business more) is that each time you present, you will learn how to make the next presentation even better. Hosting a great, well-thought-out webinar will not only immediately help grow your business (new lists, new audience, new brand awareness), but it will also help you in future endeavors to reach new business goals since you’ll be far more confident in what you do and know.

Network Like A Boss 

A good webinar will also help you make connections with real people looking to make real improvements or changes in their own lives or trade (depending on your business and your audience). By creating an excellent webinar with valuable information, you’ll make it easy for people who are serious to reach out to you, make a connection, and keep that connection going. Since networking is such a crucial part to business, this point shouldn’t go unnoticed!

Save Time 

As a business owner, you have to be able to make the absolute most of your time if you’re going to be able to handle substantial growth. While speaking at live events definitely has its pros, webinars save the time of booking, travel, and are easily repeatable if needed. Additionally, you can create them within the comfort of your home without the pressure of a live audience. Perfecting your speech is easily done, even for those of us who are more shy or even terrified of presenting.

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Build your list by writing guest posts for popular blogs

Build your list by writing guest posts for popular blogs

One of the simplest ways to gain traffic and therefore building a list is to leverage a big platform filled with readers who are already interested in your niche.

You can do this by finding popular blogs and guest posting on them. You can simply write a guest post, submit it and hope for the best. But if you want to increase the chances that your post will actually be published, follow the tips below…

Pick blogs in your niche. When you first hear about the benefits of guest posting, you may be tempted to start looking for any blog that you can guest post on. But that’s a big mistake that wastes your time and effort.

Instead, you want to focus on finding blogs in your niche. A small blog that can send you a steady stream of relevant traffic is better than a large blog whose readership isn’t interested in your business.

Look for the guidelines. Most blogs that accept guest posts have guidelines somewhere on the site. These guidelines will answer most common questions and tell you how to submit your work.

It’s important that you read these guidelines carefully. Some bloggers don’t want to see a completed blog post. They’d prefer that you submit a short summary instead. They do this because they want to help you create the post and make sure it aligns perfectly for their audience. Be open to receiving this feedback and advice from a more experienced blogger.

Interact with the blogger. Most bloggers get dozens of pitches in a single week. The more popular the blog is, the harder it is to stand out in the blogger’s mind.

You can make it easier for the blogger to remember you by interacting with his or her community. Do this by participating in the blog’s Facebook group, commenting on the blogger’s Instagram posts, and retweeting their latest posts. Activities like these will help the blogger remember who you are and gives you a better chance of making it through their submission pile.

Link to an opt-in page. When you do land a juicy guest spot, don’t squander the opportunity. Inexperienced guest posters will link to their website and hope the new visitors magically join their mailing list.

But smart marketers link to a landing page with an opt-in offer that will appeal to their target audience. This ensures they capture the traffic from their guest post and put it where it counts—in their sales funnel!

Make your opt-in relevant. When you do link to your landing page in your author bio, think carefully about your opt-in gift. You want it to be relevant to the post you just wrote so that visitors can’t wait to sign up for your list.

How to Build Your List with Webinars

How to Build Your List with Webinars

Webinars are one of the most effective ways to drive prospects and sales for your business. Webinars take time and effort to plan, and you do need some technical skills. However, if you want to get more prospects and sales, webinars are at the top of the to-do list when it comes to lead generation and making a profit.

What is a webinar?
A webinar, also called a teleseminar, is an online event designed to offer useful information to the audience. It is often live but can be pre-recorded. There might or might not be interactivity with the audience, such as question and answer. The webinar service used can offer various useful tools to the webinar host, including a shared desktop, whiteboard, polls and more.

Webinars are most effective when they are related to a particular niche or topic, and offer solutions to “pain points,” or problems, within that niche. Webinars are educational but also promotional. Think of them as an infomercial for your brand, or a product you wish to sell.

Why should I use webinars?
Online education is growing. According to the latest statistics, 70% of people are visual learners. In general, they love to watch videos and participate in webinars that teach them what they need to know. Webinars are useful if you plan to launch a new product and want to make it an attention-grabbing event.

Some webinars are free, while others require payment to attend. Paid webinars usually offer more exclusive information opportunities to prospects.

However, in general, a free webinar is best, and is a powerful tool for email marketing list building.

Why use a webinar to build my list?
Webinars can grow your list rapidly because people like to be the first to share a good deal or “news” with their friends. Announcing the webinar on social media makes it very easy for them to share your news. However, you’ll need to use free and paid channels.

You may already have a good following on Facebook or Twitter but running a paid ad or event listing can give you highly qualified traffic. When you prospect this way, create a separate email-marketing list for each webinar you plan to host. Then, use it to market to prospects before, during, and after the event. You can also enlist the help of participants by getting them to continue to spread the word.

Before the webinar
Once someone joins your new list, send them a welcome email with the event date, start-time, time zone, and how to join. Continue to send reminders until the show begins. Even after you have started, you can still send out email reminders to get people to join in. If you have a virtual assistant, have them check your Inbox or the chat for questions or other issues. Also, consider creating a hashtag (#) for your webinar so you can spot their questions and comments easily.

During the webinar
In addition to looking for questions during the event, you might also run a contest or give prizes. It adds fun and interest to the live event.

After the webinar
The follow up after a webinar can be just as important as the planning and presentation stages. Those who have not purchased can still receive information about the product and the special offer. Those who are on the customer list can be given extra content that adds value, making them feel like they really got a great deal. Send a surprise thank you gift for attending. Make sure it is something of value and is branded with your logo and URL.

Selling on your webinar
Building your list of prospects via your webinar is great, but sales are better. Present a webinar on a particular topic and offer one of your existing products as a useful solution. If you are launching a product, show all its features and benefits in relation to one or more common problems.

A product-based webinar is your chance to show off your new item and create buzz about it. Set up a special webinar-only price for it. The information you provide shouldn’t be a glorified ad for the item. It should give your target audience information they really want. The context will drive the sale.

If you’re looking for support for your webinar click here to schedule a 1:1 call with me.

Grow your list using Quizzes

Grow your list using Quizzes

I don’t know about you but I love to do online quizzes and I think they are a great way to bring in potential subscribers and they help you get to know your subscribers better, not only that, quizzes are also great for your online business.

One of the keys to understanding your subscribers is knowing what it is that they like. If you can learn more about your potential subscribers personality that’s even better. This allows you to market to your potential audience with an in a way that will grab their attention because you’ll know them and what it is that they need.

Here are a few benefits of using quizzes in your business:

  • You Get to know your subscriber better, what they like.
  • Understand your audience’s personality
  • Get the feedback you’ve been looking for in your business
  • Grow a strong email list
  • Earn money by up-selling your sign-ups to your next paid offer

When you add quizzes to your business, get ready to earn more money and monetize your potential clients’ interest.

  • When you roll out quizzes in a fun and creative way, you’ll be able to:
  • Become the go-to person in your niche
  • Boost your authority and build visibility
  • Capture the attention of your ideal client market
  • Build your following and increase traffic to your website as well as social media platforms
  • Sell your services, courses, and programs to anyone who signs up!

So not only do you build your list but you have fun doing it too and remember create your quiz with your potential client’s personality in mind, after all like attracts like.

Why you need to build a list…

Why you need to build a list…

Let’s talk about list building, or more specifically why you need to build a list in the first place. It doesn’t matter what form your online presence takes - be it blogging, creating video content, running an online store or growing a social media presence - any online business can benefit from having a list and focusing on growing your subscriber base.

What makes email lists so special? It gives you a chance to talk directly to your audience. You don’t have to wait for them to come to your blog or login into Instagram to see your content, your message, and your offers. Instead you get to go to them … their email inbox to be more specific.

While blog posts, videos, and social media posts lend themselves to talking to your entire audience at once, with email… even when you’re writing an email to a larger list, it allows you to talk to each reader individually. While your blog posts are written to a whole segment of your audience, you can sound more personal and personable with your list.

Most importantly though, email marketing converts better than any other form of marketing and it’s the main reason all your other marketing efforts should focus on growing and expanding your list. In other words, the list allows you to make a living from your online business.

Plus, you have a chance to get to know your readers better. You can build a relationship with them through the daily or weekly emails you send to them (as well as their replies). You start to build trust with your audience. Why is that important? Because once you have earned that trust, they will gladly take you up on the offers you send them via email. And provided you treat your list well and share great stuff full of value, it’s sustainable.

Have a great 24 hours!