Traditional Marketing Methods You Should Still Be Using

Traditional Marketing Methods You Should Still Be Using

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Traditional marketing isn’t dead. While we absolutely advocate the necessity of digital marketing and the latest technologies to boost your efforts, there are still avenues available to you that have worth. Provided you have time to commit to them, you may well see results, above and beyond those you receive from your website and content marketing techniques. Of course, you can also combine the two, by providing ways to link your digital marketing to the more traditional forms available to you.

Print marketing. Admittedly, many people have their eyes glued to their cell phones nearly 24/7, but they might still make time to read something that isn’t on the other end of a screen. There are still ways to reach your demographic through print media, using the best in literature design across your flyers, brochures, and business cards. These are the things you can hand out to people in the street. You can leave them on cafe tables and bus seats. When you meet somebody at a business event, you can shake hands and give them a business card with all of your contact details. You can still take the time to post flyers through doors. Print media isn’t dead, and while you might be eco-friendly and paper-resistant, you can still use sustainable paper sources when doing your printing run. 

Face-to-face marketing. You are the greatest marketing tool your business has. Through a smile and a helpful gesture, you are creating a good impression for your business. You can talk to others about your business wherever you are, be that at a business conference or on the train ride home. You can push your business to family, friends, and anybody else you come into contact with. Provided you don’t put pressure on people to use your business, you may receive a positive response. And the same applies to your team. Encourage them to spread the word to the people they come across on a daily basis. 

Billboard marketing. Billboards will never go obsolete. Provided nobody sprays graffiti on them of course, your brand can be broadcast wherever there is foot or car traffic. You can place them nearly everywhere, from the innermost regions of your city, to the outskirts and byways and highways. With the right images and creative use of wording, the billboard should grab the attention of the people you are hoping to reach. Take a look at these creative billboard ideas to fuel your imagination. 

Event marketing. We aren’t going to go into detail here, as we have already covered this on our website. But know this. When it comes to networking with people who can prosper your business, this is your best avenue. There’s no need to cold call. You don’t have to run the risk of too much rejection. When people are attending an industry event, they are there to meet people like you, so make the most of this marketing opportunity when you can. 

There are all kinds of ways to market your business, but you should always focus on those areas where you have the time and resources to do so. However, as you consider the right avenue to take, don’t pin all of your hopes on social media and email. You can still complement this marketing with the more traditional kind, so take advantage of any opportunity that may be beneficial to your business.