Can More Breaks Really Mean Increased Productivity?

Can More Breaks Really Mean Increased Productivity?

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Breaks are a touchy subject in the business world. Every company owner approaches this issue differently. Some are more than willing to let staff take an hour for lunch. Others are reluctant to give much longer than 15 minutes at any one time. Employees, too, have differing opinions on this. Some members of staff would much prefer to work through than lose an hour’s money each day. That’s no surprise when you consider lunch breaks could cost upwards of five hours wages each week. 

Whatever your stance on the subject, though, it’s clear to see the importance of taking a break every once in a while. If staff work without stopping, their productivity will take more of a hit than you may realize. That’s not good for your business or the staff in question. Hence why, if you haven’t done so already, you should consider incorporating a break space. This will ensure that everyone takes at least short breaks throughout the day. That, in turn, could see the quality of work soaring. If you want to take the benefits even further, consider the following ways you could make that break space productive.

Free snacks

Providing free snacks for staff could boost productivity in a few significant ways. For one, it saves them having to go off-site and thus take more time during meal breaks. Providing the right kinds of foods could also physically aid productivity. Berries, nuts, and even dark chocolate can increase brain power and reduce stress. They also provide a longer-lasting boost of energy than alternatives such as cakes.

The right smell

In most workplaces, the break room smells of the last thing which went in the microwave.  You may want to change that if you’re aiming to improve productivity here. As can be seen from articles like this one on, studies have suggested that scents such as lavender prevent the deterioration of work productivity. By incorporating a scent diffuser, you could help even those staff members who pop in here for a cup of coffee. Besides which, pleasant smells are sure to make this a much nicer place to be generally.

Diverting the course of the workday

There’s also evidence to suggest that even brief diversions can improve focus for prolonged periods. Last off, then, you need to provide some form of diversion in your break room. Many employers opt to use television for this purpose, and that can work well. Equally, providing break room books like those mentioned on could be the perfect thing. After just 10 or 20 minutes of using resources like these, you can bet your staff will feel refreshed and raring to go. Taking time out like this can also reduce stress, which is again fantastic for results.


You can bet, once you get your head around these methods, that you’ll be begging staff to take a break. Get your break room in the bag, and you’ll see increased productivity, even if your team start taking more time out.